Make Stress Work For You

A common assumption is that stress is bad.

In reality, stress is just nature’s way of getting our attention.  It is part of our instinctive response to uncertainty or unwanted things in our environment. It may also be a reaction to being overwhelmed or over stimulated. And stress can be debilitating when not well managed.

On the flip side, stress is also what motivates us to action. Stress causes us to push ourselves to accomplish goals and overcome challenges.

Understanding the nature of stress and how it works in our brains and bodies is the key to having the power to manage it. This is what the Hot Button Workshop is designed to do, provide an understanding of stress in language that is easy to understand. The result is that we learn to use stress to our advantage instead of allowing it to limit our potential.

We invite you to look closer at what you can do about your stress.

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