Overcoming Challenges

We all have challenges. To overcome them we need to manage the things that give them their power. These five tips will give you the tools to overcome your overwhelming challenges. Of course it’s easier to say than to do, but practicing these five tips will change your conditioning and give you fuel for success. As you read these tips, your intuition will tell you that there is truth here.

1) Focus on how you are perceiving things.
Perceptions are a choice. Your choice both triggers and justifies your response. When facing a challenge, pause and ask yourself if your current response is increasing or decreasing your ability to overcome it. Choose wisely, your brain chemistry responds to whatever you choose, and that is reflected in your tone, actions, body language and many other subliminal messages that you and others will respond to.

2) Monitor your inner voice.
Your inner voice is providing a commentary based on a lifetime of experience. And it’s not always a voice, sometimes it’s a feeling, like an intuition. However it presents, your inner voice amounts to a conditioned response, fueled by past results and conclusions. But this commentary is subject to your approval. Think of it this way, if you are not managing your inner voice, your inner voice is managing you.

3) Avoid judgments.
When facing a challenge, we have a strong instinctive reaction to defend our position and judge whatever is standing in our way. But be careful. Judgments trigger a “lizard brain” reaction which stimulates our endorphin system to prepare us for a possible fight. This is true even when there is no chance of a fight, and it impacts your ability to focus calmly and rationally. Sticking to your beliefs is fine. But you can hold your belief without judging others.

4) Deliberately disconnect.
Deliberately disconnect by scheduling time for relaxing, exercising and maintaining a regular healthy diet. Place a priority on, and allow yourself to enjoy, your healthy habits. Then you will be equipped to return to your responsibilities refreshed and often with greater insight into dealing with things that are stressing or challenging you.

5) Appreciate what you have.
While it is no doubt true that many have much more, it is equally true that many others have much less. And that is not just in terms of stuff. Think of security, opportunity, health, caring people around you, and so much more. Even the simple things like food, water and shelter. We live in a world where more is almost always seen as better. And that’s fine. But getting more starts with appreciating both what you have and the opportunities around you. Appreciation reduces stress and adds perspective, both of which enhance your ability to respond to challenges.

Remember, these tips are about choices, and these choices get increasingly more difficult as the stress and tension of facing challenges rise. So exercise self management regularly. Similar to physical exercise, self management, or emotional exercise, will put you in much better condition to overcome challenges when they arise.

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