The True Human Origin Story

How did we get here?
Where did we come from?

No matter how you slice it, we are here as a result of our ability to communicate. It is at the core of all human achievement. It is the most significant difference between us and every other living thing on the planet.

Collecting and sharing learning, then using that knowledge in the pursuit of common goals is the single most important reason we have been able to accomplish so much. And the quality of our teamwork is directly related to the quality of our results.

Communication allows for culture. Culture defines both individual and team potential. Do you want to change your life? Manage your environment?  Influence your social or organizational culture? Then you need to learn more about how human communication works. It either builds or degrades unity as a result of how we apply it.

Building a healthy culture of skilled communicators is the best, arguably the only, way to create the kinds of changes that lead to sustainably better results. If you are not actively de-escalating tension you are either building tension or maintaining the status quo, both of which will not improve your results from what you are experiencing right now.

Our true origin story is bound to our ability to communicate. The question is not whether better communication is the key, but what source do you choose to help you gain and apply the knowledge as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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