Three Popular Blogs

Hi friends. Here are links to three of our popular recent blog entries.

Our intention with our blogs is to find, curate and post content that aligns with building high performing organizations. Some of our entries are about what we ourselves contribute to this body of knowledge, and some are to pass on contributions from others. Using both articles and videos we strive to make what we publish varied, interesting and valuable. In general, we look for and post content that is about leadership, managing others and managing self. High performing teams need people with all of these qualities.

We hope you find time to enjoy these three popular blogs. Like others, we trust that you too will find them interesting, valuable, and perhaps even entertaining.

Click this link to access the “Project Management, Team Building and Effective Communicating blog entry:
Click this link to access the “The effects of low, versus high, engagement” blog entry:
Click this link to access the “How to get your customers to listen” blog entry:

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