What Motivates Behaviour

This blog entry contains a video of the presentation James delivered to The Ottawa Networks entrepreneur and small business networking event in January 2020.

The topic of ”What Motivates Behaviour” includes;

  • What is the source of disruptive behaviour in your business
  • What is the performance cost of disruptive behaviour
  • What is the turnover cost of disruptive behaviour
  • How does our instinctive response system work
  • How much impact do instinctive responses have on your teams

The value of investing in understanding what motivates behaviour is that it encourages a culture which will default to managing the moments. All things, good and bad, are triggered in moments and then get reinforced in the interactions that follow. Understanding the dynamics of interpersonal communication empowers your team members to both choose better outcomes and become skilled at navigating towards them. The payoff for the organization is a harmonious team that creates and maintains an engaged and productive culture. Managing the moments is the fuel that makes high performance teams possible.

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