Your Game Changing Spark

Your number one game changing spark is your attitude. It has the power to change the future, for better or for worse, so choose your attitude wisely.

Picture anyone who has achieved success. You can be sure that at some point they had to overcome something bad, which almost certainly required a good attitude. This is an example of attitude being a choice. It may be a difficult choice, but it is a choice.

You cannot change the past. What you can change is your attitude, which will affect your reactions. Reactions in the present create opportunities in the future. I am reminded of a saying, “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it”.

When faced with challenges, it is your reactions to people, thoughts and situations that have the greatest impact on your results. The most powerful people are those who have learned to manage themselves, and by doing so are able to manage their reactions. This is where your true power comes from. It’s all in your attitude.

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Footnote: The quote above has been attributed to Charles R. Swindoll who is an evangelical Christian pastor, author of many books and founder of the Insight for Living organization. The use of his quote has nothing to do with his body of work. It is simply an acknowledgement of a wise truth encapsulated in a small number of words.

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