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BONUS – The live in person workshop includes free access to the online self directed workshop so your learning can be reinforced over time and get real traction in your organization.

The live in person experience consists of:

  • An anonymous baseline Communication Culture Census for each participant
  • Customized in person learning within a facilitated interactive in person group setting where feedback is highly encouraged
  • Exercises are provided to promote interactions where learned concepts can be practiced and discussed
  • 4 x 3 hour sessions scheduled at your convenience
  • An anonymous follow up Communication Culture Census to demonstrate each participants positive benefits
  • A before and after group report of anonymous Communication Culture Census results indicating group strengths and potential areas for focus
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This workshop addresses employee retention, morale, stress management and overcoming disruptive interactions in the workplace. It is a truly engaging and eye opening experiential workshop.

The concepts are delivered in a personalized interactive in person group setting with open discussion highly encouraged.

To facilitate the live in person classroom environment workbooks, exercises, activities, group discussions, quizzes and surveys are used.

Each concept is reviewed and discussed with the group to build a common understanding of how this learning can be applied to each groups unique and dynamic environment.

Optional group or individual video follow up sessions can be customized and booked separately to review key concepts as they apply to unique situations in your environment.

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