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per household   (monthly subscription option 29.90/mth)

For the monthly subscription option use the discount code “monthly” to be billed once a month for 10 months.

BONUS: Each household member will be individually registered so they can complete the workshop and all activities at their own pace.

This workshop empowers you with a deep understanding of how the dynamics between people operate. You will learn what causes division and escalating tensions as well as how to manage yourself and others toward better outcomes.

The experience consists of:

– An optional baseline Communication Culture Census based on our corporate program.

– A total of 6.5 hours of short 5-minute video presentations, along with quizzes and activities. All are available 24/7 for self-directed learning at each participant’s convenience using an online L.M.S. (Learning Management System).

– Program includes 4 one-on-one video meetings at the end of each module to be scheduled by each participant at their convenience.

– An optional follow-up Communication Culture Census is available to demonstrate your positive benefits.

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This version is based on our popular business and organization L.M.S. Self Directed version.

It has been streamlined to use many of the same videos, workbooks, and quizzes in order to provide the key benefits to your individual, group, and family relationships.

In the case of families, access is granted to all members of the home.

Along with the presentation materials, each of the four modules are followed by a one-on-one video call with your facilitator to review the concepts as they apply to you in your unique environment.


This workshop explains how and why communication cultures impact personal performance, harmony, and peace of mind. It provides an understanding of what motivates disruption along with strategies to de-escalate and manage interactions for better outcomes. Results include addressing motivation, personal goals achievement, stress, general performance issues, and enhancing your relationships.

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