Speaking Engagement


These talks are designed to bring focus to the often overlooked impacts of communication culture on an organization.

Our shared reality is that people act as people first and employees second. The resulting impact on engagement, disruption and performance are both identifiable and addressable. The costs include time away from work, productivity levels, performance disruptions and lost competitive advantages.

The result of this speaking engagement is an introductory understanding of these impacts and some initial tools that can be used right away to start moving towards a more healthy team centric environment in your organization.


per session

Speaking Engagement Sessions include:

  • Overview presentation of the human nature impacts on team member interactions, disruptions and the corresponding impact on organization overhead costs as well as productivity and performance.
  • Where applicable this may be a directed talk resulting from communication culture census where subject matter is chosen to
    bring focus to strategies which will assist you in overcoming issues that are impacting your
    specific team or organization.
  • These engagements are available as hosted online video events or live events depending on
    your needs and possible safety or security protocols.
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