Building A Strong Team

One of our giving back efforts is to curate a blog of valuable content for you. In this case we found an interesting article from Forbes that provides insight and perspective into the nuances involved in building and leading strong teams.

“Leadership is a tough gig. Building a strong team isn’t just about hiring the clichéd, self-confessed team players with excellent communication skills.”

Everything in this article may sound obvious. The points made are quite possibly things that you are fully intending to express as a leader. But the real test is taking a critical look at the results your organization is generating.

What are your retention rates?
What does your growth profile look like?
What do the levels of enthusiasm look like in your workplace?

Notice that not all of those metrics can be found on a report. While it’s true that many people can be controlled by measurements and authority, they are not inspired by it. Leadership is what you do to take care of the people that make your organization work and prosper. Leadership is a responsibility. Articles like this help us take a moment to reflect on what some of the elements of that responsibility look like.

There is value in investing the time to follow this link.

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