Addressing Communication Culture

As we were planning for 2022 we had a big idea. Our challenge was to ask ourselves how we can help make it easier for you to address a great problem of our times.

What problem? The culture problem we are all living with. It exists in our society and in our shared workplaces. Symptoms include stress, apathy, lack of engagement, malcontent, performance issues, burn out, and the list goes on. Whatever the symptoms you are seeing, they can all be traced back to how people manage their reactions to our shared environment and each other.  

That is the foundation of the problem we seek to help you address. And the key word is foundation. We all have a tendency to see the symptoms as the problem. Ironically, this is a significant part of the problem.

To develop a healthier communication culture you need to look beyond what is being expressed, the symptom(s), and see what triggers what is being expressed, the hot button(s). It is fundamental human nature that gives power to our hot buttons and ultimately trips up sincere efforts to address the symptoms we see. That is why so many attempts to change behaviour, attitudes and culture lose momentum and become ineffective.

So we return to our question. What can we do to help make it easier for you to address this great problem of our times? Our answer is to make it even easier for you to include our workshop into your plans. We guarantee to make your culture better in measurable ways.

Of course everyone is busy. So our answer is to offer you a deep discount code that you can use whenever the time is right for you in 2022. We offer you this discount code with no commitment, no pressure, no sales pitch, we promise.

We invite you to reach out through our social media channels, website or just call. All we ask for is a short conversation to find out if you think we can fit into your plans for your 2022 mission.

We, and our partners, wish you all the very best and look forward with you to a bright light at the end of the pandemic tunnel in the coming year.

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