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Feedback is a Gift

If you only have time for one video today, may we suggest this one? It’s full of great insights and it’s also a peek at a candid Simon Sinek. It’s a great nine and a half minutes!

Culture is Misunderstood

Culture, especially corporate culture, tends to be misunderstood. Culture is organic. It grows among people. And it is influenced by leaders. Leadership’s role is to lead by example with messaging reinforced by behaviours. Team members’ role is to echo management’s lead with their own reinforcing behaviours. And that is what many organizations struggle with, the …

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Is EGO Good?

Is ego good or bad? That depends on who is using it, and how, and why. So perhaps a better question may be, is ego useful? Yes, it is, in that it can serve a useful and necessary purpose. It is after all a part of the basic survive and thrive instinct. But what about …

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Your message matters because how people react to your message matters. And how people react to your message is what determines your impact. Both words and context are important parts of your message, they lead to the listener’s perception, ultimately influencing their frame of mind as they respond to your message. That’s why people’s responses …



Disruptions, distractions, and irritants are all around us, almost every day. And the accumulated impact on performance is significant. Whether you’re focused on them or not, you are experiencing these performance impacts. Although you cannot always change the source of the problem, you can always change the way to choose to react. That choice is …


Robot Hot Buttons

Oh my, that’s funny, using a cartoon to help illustrate a point. Gary Larson has an unusual sense of humour. And, perhaps a little ironically, this cartoon captures the root of my company’s mission. That is, to inform people about how hot buttons work and how to manage them. So when I saw the cartoon …

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The Chemistry of Communication Culture. PART 5: Budget and forecast impacts on your communication culture.

First a quick review: Part one’s focus was on the central impact of your communication culture chemistry on your organization’s results. (Central line down the middle) Part two’s focus was on leadership and how your leaders influence the chemistry of your communication culture. (Top left quadrant) Part three’s focus was on power struggles and the …

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Is ego good?

We are very interested in your survey response, post a comment with yes or no plus your thoughts as to why. So, is ego good? It can be if it’s used internally to motivate yourself. But if it’s used to feed a feeling of entitlement, that’s another story entirely. What do you think? ____________________ May …

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Informed Communication Culture Strategy

Your culture is your competitive advantage. Building your culture is achieved with communication. Communication Culture Strategy = (informed + deliberate + maintained) Our unique strength is delivering informed communication culture strategies customized to fit your unique environment. Find out more at: Or call me direct at 844-498-9066 x.100 ____________________ May we ask you to follow …

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