Is EGO Good?

Is ego good or bad? That depends on who is using it, and how, and why.

So perhaps a better question may be, is ego useful?

Yes, it is, in that it can serve a useful and necessary purpose. It is after all a part of the basic survive and thrive instinct.

But what about the notion that ego is a bad thing that motivates bad behavior? The truth is, like most things, there’s more than one way to look at ego.

On the good side, ego can drive accomplishment by motivating people to compete, with themselves or others, to do more than what came before. When that leads to greater effort and achievement for the purpose of making our shared world a better place for everyone then the ego can be considered good.

On the flip side, when ego is used for power over others then ego could be considered bad. We have all seen people who demonstrate egotistical behaviors that have caused hardships for others.

So it’s not ego itself, but rather how it is used that suggests if it is good or bad.

It all boils down to this, managing your ego is an important key to success. And in a more universal way, managing what others perceive as your message is an even more important key to success. Accomplishing both (or managing self) takes focus, skills, and practice. Success is a natural outcome of managing self in your own best interest.

All high achievers manage self, and you can too. It starts with learning how our environments influence us, then learning to manage our reactions to those influences.

And that is the power that communication, aka soft, skills provide you with.

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