Criticism or Suggestion

Do you think criticism has a good chance of being well received?

Have you ever tried to offer some constructive criticism and received a response that was somehow less than you had hoped for?

Have you considered how people normally react to criticism, even if it is sincerely meant to be constructive?

When someone is presented with something they perceive as being a criticism they automatically go into a defensive mindset. It’s human nature.

In order for someone to be open to what you are saying they need to be offered a way to receive it as something other than something that needs to be defended against.

Here are some suggested approaches;

May I offer a suggestion?

Is this a good time for some feedback?

Would you like my opinion?

I have another perspective, would you like to hear it?

These approaches will increase the possibility of your constructive criticism being perceived as invited, thus bypassing the automatic defense mechanism.

This is one example of strategic communication techniques that increase your ability to influence others. These are not tricks, they are tools that acknowledge and work with human nature in order to empower you to create a path toward better results.

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