Problems and Symptoms

What is a problem and what is a symptom? In the context of communication culture, the problem is what is motivating the response and the symptom is the response itself.

A physical example could be a broken arm. The fall that caused the broken arm is the problem. The broken arm itself is a symptom of the problem.

A people interacting with each other example could be a lack of teamwork. One example of the problem could be a culture of tolerating bad-tempered or inconsiderate behavior. The symptom would be low morale and engagement issues.

In many organizations this is the predicament. Do you address misbehavior or allow the status quo because there does not seem to be a crisis at the moment. Taking action is the solution. It will be seen as progressive leadership. And leadership defines corporate culture. Words are good, but actions are what make the difference.

The trick is taking action to improve the culture without disrupting the organization in the process.

The solution is providing leadership that will be perceived as encouraging better outcomes. This is why, as a leader, learning about the dynamics of human interaction is so critical. This knowledge empowers your intentions, and that is what makes it so valuable.

You can’t make people engage, you have to provide an environment where they want to engage.

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