Responding versus Reacting

This is important.

When building culture, corporate or personal, you need to keep certain cornerstones in mind.

One of those cornerstones is responding versus reacting.

Reacting is quick, instinctive, and natural. It feels like the way we should operate.

Responding is a little less quick, a little more managed, and also natural. It is how we operate in our own best interest.

The difference between reacting to something and responding to it is where your power comes from. It’s so important. Responding will always lead to better results than reacting.

In your interactions with others take the few extra moments to sense their state, listen to their words, and decide how you choose to respond.

Knowing how people process their experiences that lead to their reactions makes the journey from being a volatile reactor to becoming a powerful responder possible.

When you build your culture by helping your people become responders rather than reactors, the positive results are endless.

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