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Feedback is a Gift

If you only have time for one video today, may we suggest this one? It’s full of great insights and it’s also a peek at a candid Simon Sinek. It’s a great nine and a half minutes!

Culture Eats Strategy

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast, operational excellence for lunch and everything else for dinner” I’ve always liked this quote, and just came across it once again while researching something else. It’s attributed to Peter Druker, a visionary thinker in the field of management theory. Here’s a link to a Wikipedia page about him if you …

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Here is a great podcast episode that crossed my path and I wanted to share it with you. It’s entitled Resolving Conflict with William Ury. There are so many great takeaways. One that I especially liked was Stop, Listen, Think, then Respond. It was nice to hear that said by two such renowned thinkers, I’ve …


The Tyranny of Inertia

Here is a wonderfully insightful and entertaining little video of a talk given at a Product Management conference. The speaker uses humor and relatable real world experiences to present a hugely informative perspective on how and why things go wrong in business. Not surprisingly it has a lot to do with how the human brain …

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Culture = Momentum = Success

I’ve always been impressed with Simon Sinek. In this very short video he has managed to synthesize why culture is absolutely key to success. As a heads up, he does use a few “colourful” words in this clip, however, I truly believe this message needs to be heard.

Creating Loyal Customers

Here is a summary of some key points made in this excellent Harvard Business Review article authored by Tiziana Casciaro, Amy C. Edmondson and Sujin Jang. Executives and managers recognize the importance of team collaboration to fuel success in business. They also have experienced how difficult it is to achieve. Think of your own work environment. Are you …

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Why Culture Matters

Here is a very funny TED Talk by Shawn Achor. He takes a surprising look at the science of happiness and the resulting impacts on performance. This video holds important clues to the huge long term value of building a healthy culture through understanding the psychology of disruption and how to influence people. We would …

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