Creating Loyal Customers

Here is a summary of some key points made in this excellent Harvard Business Review article authored by Tiziana Casciaro, Amy C. Edmondson and Sujin Jang.

Executives and managers recognize the importance of team collaboration to fuel success in business. They also have experienced how difficult it is to achieve. Think of your own work environment. Are you focused on meeting your goals and earning recognition from within your reporting structure? Are you focused on helping your peers meet their goals? Are you focused on your organizations customer experience? What does the messaging from your leadership tell you is in your best interest?

Most people, understandably, are focused on the impressions they make within their reporting structure. That is what directly impacts them in most organizations most of the time. And that is a central cause of many problems.

Here is the important question for everyone to ask themselves. What actions are seen by your customers as being most beneficial to them? The answer will show little or no concern for the recognition you get within your organization. Your customers focus is on what gives them the best experience.

Providing the best experience for you customers requires the right responses from everyone who interacts with them. To make this happen your people will need to have good peer to peer working relationships which will often need to be across silos.

This leads us back to the Harvard Business Review article mentioned above.

We invite you to read the full article along with all of its references by following this link:

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