An Editorial On Social Change

It has been said many times that change is inevitable. What is not talked about so much is the reason why it is inevitable. Change happens in response to an appetite for change.

We live in strange times. Pandemic, systemic problems, the politics of fear, media digging in to propaganda positions, reducing everything to sound bites, and the list goes on.

In response to all of this, we are moving ever closer to a point where enough people are willing to take action so that the conditions for lasting and meaningful change are possible. What is needed now is a sustained message, combined with a push on all available levers of power.

Here’s why. What lies beneath the “tip of the iceberg” is an unavoidable problem. Big, complex systems are hard to change. It will take sustained motivation from the outside to drive top down support and sustained effort from the inside. That is the reality.

So what can, and should, you do?

Make your voice heard in a way that motivates decision makers. Do more than want change. Do more than demonstrate for change. Use the levers of power you have access to and motivate leaders to create change. Vote for change.

Shouting and demonstrating is a great start because it gets the ball rolling, but being vocal can only do so much. Voting, at all levels, while not very fun or exciting, is needed to create the conditions, the appetite, for real change.

I invite you to share this with your circle.

Warm regards,

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