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How to calculate the real cost of employee turnover

Employee turnover is expensive. Losing valuable employees costs literally weeks of effort and tens of thousands of dollars per turnover event. HR Associations report turnover event cost is between 1 to 3 times the employee’s annual salary and includes the direct costs of recruiting, the direct costs of lost productivity, and the indirect costs of …

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How to get your customers to listen

Here’s a quick tip from founder Donald Miller. We are fans of his and thought you may enjoy and benefit from his insights also. He posts a daily VLOG to, here’s a short sample. We have vetted, tested and approved this link:

Soft Skills: Not A Commodity, A Necessity

According to the National Soft Skills Association (NSSA), “Soft skills are attributes like listening, leadership and communication. Learning these soft skills offers both short-term and long-term benefits. When people learn how to communicate and work better with others, they immediately become happier and more successful. In the long term, soft skills allow people to make …

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We’ve been nominated for a 2020 Bootstrap Award!

Voting to take place in January and February. Winners to be announced at Tech Tuesday on March 3, 2020. Thanks for the nomination and for the opportunity to compete. We provide a deep understanding of the underlying factors that affect corporate culture, communications and performance. Using a unique approach we create, measure and demonstrate a …

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Inspiring TED Talk on success as a business leader. Chobani Yogurt, from zero to an American favorite. Founder Hamdi Ulukaya spoke at TED2019. His talk is titled “The anti-CEO playbook”. As of January 2020 it has had 2,342,178 views and has subtitles in 17 languages. It’s run time is 17 minutes. Hamdi Ulukaya is a pioneer of the natural food movement and the founder of Chobani, one of the fastest-growing food companies of the last decade.

This is the great, inspiring, and true story of how Chobani started from zero to become the number one Greek Yogurt brand in America. It only took them five years. The secret of success is all over this little TED Talk. Enjoy.

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