Four Pillars of Success

There are four essential pillars to lasting success. In this short video Donald Miller of MyStoryBrand interviews Mark Miller of fast food giant Chick-fil-a as they discuss the four pillars of success. We like the interview because it closely relates to what we are passionate about, helping you build your own, and your teams, performance.

The four pillars are:

1 – Bet on Leadership
You need to purposefully develop leadership skills, which, like
any other skill set, requires training.

2 – Act as One
Be clear about your mission and priorities so they are easy for
everyone to follow.

3 – Win the Heart
Demonstrating that you care about your team is what leads to
engagement. The extra effort, which makes all the difference, is
returned to you when you earn it.

4 – Excel at Execution
The result is not what you focus on, results are what happen when
you focus on steps one, two and three. Without the first three pillars,
the fourth is difficult to achieve and even more difficult to maintain.  

Here is our vetted link to the interview, enjoy:

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