Being right is good, except …

Being right is good. Long ago, in a much less complicated world, being right was closely linked to survival. If you guessed wrong about the animal with the big teeth, the situation would likely end badly. It was that simple. So why is being right bad in today’s world? Let’s look a little deeper.

Our biological system rewards us for being right by releasing chemicals into our bloodstream that feel good. Similarly, being wrong makes us feel bad. This biology worked very well for us when it was closely linked to survival. But now we operate in an environment which is completely different from the one our biological systems were designed for. Right and wrong is much more context sensitive. The result is that we are chemically over-stimulated much of the time, and that makes us feel unhappy. That triggers a need to fight back, because unhappy does not feel “right”. Add to that a social system which rewards winning and the result is many of the problems we are struggling with in the workplace today.

The good news is that with a little understanding of how people work, you can easily learn to manage your instinctive responses. That self control provides you with the power to purposefully influence your environment in a positive way. When groups of people do this together, unity is developed. With unity comes power and performance. By providing your teams with this learning, you can unify and supercharge them, and that is what our team is here to help you with.

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