Communicating is like driving

Communicating is like driving. When everything’s fine, it’s fine. But when you find yourself in situations you are not comfortable with it can feel a little overwhelming. And once that feeling starts it can escalate, from discomfort to trouble, very quickly.

 Another way communication and driving are similar is that when you experience trouble the memory tends to stay with you. So over time your discomfort can accumulate into something that affects you even when conditions are good.

There are answers. And which combination of answers work for you will be unique because you are unique. So we cannot tell you here is the secret in a short post. What we can say is that, like driver training, communications training and practice will lead you to your comfort zone.

Confidence comes from knowledge combined with practice, and knowledge comes from training. It’s a simple as that. We wish you great success in your journey of learning to better manage your surroundings. If you would like an assist along the way, we are here to help.

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