Seeing Through Different Lenses

Everyone see’s through their own unique lens. This is very easy to forget. It is also very easy to forget that someone else’s lens may contain a valuable perspective that you haven’t thought of.

Another thing that’s easy to forget is that everyone thinks their own unique perspective is valid, and they may even think your perspective is wrong.

Excluding extreme cases, most perspectives are valid, or at least justified, if only for the person who has that perspective.

We need, collectively, to get better at acknowledging others perspectives. This is not the same as agreeing. We can acknowledge, be rational, listen, exchange ideas, and still disagree. The difference is, after you’ve done all that you may find their perspective isn’t as hard to understand as you thought it was. And bonus, they may be better able to see your perspective, which would be a win/win.

Communicating is an art form. It’s easier for some than for others. But we can all get better at it with a little knowledge and practice. Don’t you think?



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