The Chemistry of Communication Culture PART 4: Disruptions impact your communication culture

First a quick review:

  • – Part one’s focus was on the central impact of your communication culture chemistry on your organization’s results. (The black line down the middle)
  • – Part two’s focus was on leadership and how your leaders influence the chemistry of your communication culture. (Top left quadrant)
  • – Part three’s focus was on power struggles and the impact they have on your people, your organization, and the quality/time/cost factors of your results. (Bottom left quadrant)

In part 4 the focus is on disruptions. What are disruptions and what effect do they have on your organization. While there are many sources, anything that increases stress or reduces your team members’ focus on the common goal is a disruption. Some examples are visible stress, tolerance of toxic behaviour, intimidation, and passive-aggressive responses. Some symptoms of disruptions are turnover, lack of enthusiasm, sick leave, and more problems than you feel there should be. All combined to create increased costs and lost opportunities.

To get the best results you need to manage and nurture your workplace culture. This is done with communication skills that are informed by an understanding of human nature, behaviour triggers, and strategies for managing escalating interactions. This is the nature of communication culture. Encourage, support, and motivate positive behaviours. Discourage and address negative behaviours. These actions will lead to a healthy culture that pays off in the form of a high-performance, high-commitment environment.

We support your drive to succeed.

When you invest in others, you earn commitment and loyalty. It’s human nature. And human nature, while it may appear to be complex at times, actually operates on very basic principles. How to leverage the priceless understanding of those principles is what communication culture training is all about.


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