We Deserve Better

Yes, we can all agree that we deserve better. But what is better? Are more toys better? Are bigger numbers better? Is having a title better? Or is dignity better? Is self control better? Is being able to recognize and manage our subconscious, instinctive and unhelpful conditioned responses better? Let’s say that ideally, having all of these things would be better, and having all of these things is what we deserve.

Naturally, that leads to a bigger question. How do we get “all of these things”?

The game changing factor is our mastery of soft skills. And before we go any further, let’s be clear, soft skills are neither soft nor easy. In fact, many people are not even sure what soft skills are. As a basic definition: Soft skills are what you use to motivate and manage yourself and others.

The reality is that we are all human, and we all have instincts, learned biases and fear of losing what we have worked so hard to get. There’s that word again, hard. Work hard. Play hard. So why do we use the label “soft skills” to identify the tools needed to win more?

In both our personal and working lives, the challenge of managing ourselves and our interactions with others is the biggest hurdle to success. That’s why success is so hard. And we are instinctively suspicious of the solution because we have chosen to label the solution soft skills.

Here are some closing thoughts from a business perspective.

  • It is an organization’s people that make the difference to its success.
  • How an organization treats its people defines their performance.
  • Modern business is a pull sport, not a push sport.

If you are a leader, it would serve you well to consider these facts. If you want to help influence our leaders, share messages like this one. Change comes in response to market pressures. Be part of the solution.

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