Follow Ups


per session

Follow Up Sessions include:

– Customized discussion topics based on analysis of Communication Culture Census results.

– Directed discussion resulting from leadership consultation to identify areas of focus for follow up.

– Review of key workshop concepts as they apply to unique situations in your environment.

– Facilitated group question and answer time.

– These engagements are available as hosted online video events or live events depending on your needs and possible safety concerns or security protocols.


These are highly recommended, but ultimately optional, group, or individual follow up sessions. They are designed to follow through on, and reinforce, Hot Button Workshop concepts as they apply to your unique environment.

Each session’s focus is customized based individual requests as well as Communication Culture Census feedback received from participants as they attended the workshop. This is combined with direct feedback from leadership and team members.

In the case of group follow ups, pon workshop completion by all members of the team, these sessions are used to apply the concepts in the particular group dynamic in order to further enhance performance.

In the case of individual follow ups the focus is determined by the requesting participant and take the form of a one-on-one consultation to apply workshop concepts to unique and dynamic scenarios.

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