Communication Culture Is Key

Communication culture is the key. Why? Because everything else combined is not enough. While this is true both in business and in private life, let’s focus on the business story for now.

Your processes, products and reputation may be great, and yet, with all of that, continued success is still not guaranteed. Success is fragile.

The difference between maintaining the status quo and exponential growth is your relationship with your people, both employees and customers. And in this matrix it’s your employees who are the key. They are the ones who deliver your products. They are also the ones who build and maintain your relationships with your customers.

This is where communication culture becomes the key. Your people’s ability to have well managed interactions with others requires specialized knowledge. And almost no one is trained in managing the interactions they have with others. That is the missing link in your training.

You need to train your people in soft skills so they will know what motivates reactions and how to manage reactions when they are not what is expected and things start to escalate.

Whether in business or in private life, reacting to the unexpected is critical, and over time, being able to avoid escalations builds a communication culture that naturally leans towards success.

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