Not Bossy – “Leadership Skills”

Have you ever witnessed or experienced bullying at work?

It is all too common that leadership is thought to be achieved by force, intimidation, and focusing on results motivated by the threat of bad outcomes.

In contrast, current popular thinking leans towards leading by example and motivating by showing empathy, among other qualities.

The question is which approach gets better results.

On one hand, many leaders get to their positions by being highly competitive. So it’s natural that they feel a competitive approach with the threat of failure is the way to get the best results.

On the other hand, results are produced by team members. And the best results are produced by team members who choose to engage and support each other because they feel they are being supported in return, by both their peers and their organization.

That is the challenge, and the solution is found in understanding. Understanding why people react the way they do and how to manage those reactions so that culture change for the better is organic. You cannot demand lasting change. You must find ways to encourage it so that your people choose change. That is how you build a communication culture that will continuously produce the great results you seek.


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