The Chemistry of Communication Culture PART 3: Power struggles are impacting your communication culture

Part one’s focus was on the central impact of your communication culture chemistry on your organization’s results.

Part two’s focus was on leadership and how your leaders influence the chemistry of your communication culture.

In part 3 the focus is on power struggles and the impact they have on your people, your organization, and the quality/time/cost factors of your results.

What fuels power struggles is protecting status, influence, and goals. All of these things are linked to how people treat and react to each other. And how people react is deeply influenced by instinct, specifically the instinct to thrive and survive.

Another fuel for power struggles is the perceived risk of change, or, the potential impact that change may have on influence, status, goals or security. Perception is key, actual change is not the trigger for protectionist behaviour in the form of power struggles. Power is a culturally infused part of life. The underlying belief is that power equals winning and winning equals good.

You cannot dictate that power struggles are not allowed. You need to acknowledge they exist and actively seek to discourage them with policy, leadership, and tools like communication culture training. These actions will define your culture and minimize the impact of power struggles on your organization.

Remember, even when people are trying to work together with the best intentions there are times when things do not go well. These are the times when communication skills become critical.


When you invest in others, you earn commitment and loyalty. It’s human nature. And human nature, while it may appear to be complex at times, actually operates on very basic principles. How to leverage the priceless understanding of those principles is what communication culture training is all about.

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