Part 1: The Chemistry of Communication Culture

All intentions flow through your communication culture to produce your results.

This diagram illustrates some of the critical elements that influence communication culture, which is the foundation of your corporate culture, your people, who have chemistry.

Even when people are trying to work together with best intentions there are times when things do not go well. This is when communication skills become critical

Leadership, power struggles, budget and forecasts create stress and anxiety resulting in disruptions. It is inevitable that your communication culture is the chemistry that will filter your intentions on the path to your results.

Training and leadership are the active elements in changing culture. When you demonstrate, with training, your caring for others well being you earn commitment and loyalty. It’s human nature. And human nature, while appearing to be very complex, actually operates on very basic principles.

How to leverage that priceless knowledge is what communication culture training provides to you and your organization.

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