The Chemistry of Communication Culture PART 2: Leadership defines and reinforces your communication culture

Part one’s focus was on the central impact of your communication culture chemistry on your organization’s results. In part two the focus is on leadership and how your leaders influence the chemistry of your communication culture.

Here’s something to keep in mind. Not all leaders have a title, and not all title holders are leaders. But what makes a leader?

There are two primary source elements of leadership, natural talent, and training.

What is natural leadership talent? It is most often a result of character traits that have been reinforced by experience. That may be the result of family, social or group experiences that have rewarded leadership characteristics. Some of these qualities are attraction based, such as humor, compassion, or perspective. Other qualities are more influence based such as charisma, determination, or focus on performance.

Another primary source of leadership qualities is training, which may include motivation and organization strategies. But a critical element is the communication skills to leverage leadership tools and techniques. Training will reinforce natural talent and, more importantly, will help develop employees who are not natural leaders to be empowered for success in leadership roles.

The leadership qualities your organization endorses go a long way towards defining your culture and have a tremendous impact on your results.

If you are not getting the engagement and commitment you would like, then look no further than your communication culture and the chemistry that shapes it.

Remember, even when people are trying to work together with the best intentions there are times when things do not go well. These are the times when communication skills become critical.

When you invest in others, you earn commitment and loyalty. It’s human nature. And human nature, while it may appear to be complex at times, actually operates on very basic principles. How to leverage the priceless understanding of those principles is what communication culture training is all about.

This has been part 2 of The Chemistry of Communication Culture, stay tuned, part 3 is coming soon!

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