What is Communication Culture?

It is what you need to turn your corporate culture statements into reality.

How does that happen? It’s like a recipe. You need the right ingredients, mixed properly, to get the results you want. So what are the ingredients? When I say communication what do you think of? Is it your words? Is it your body language? Is it what other people hear? Or is it something else? The answer is it is all of the above and more.

Communication culture is what creates corporate culture. The link between the statements made about culture and the reality that your people experience is what creates engagement and generates results.

A healthy communication culture will actively seek constructive input, reward teamwork and successfully manage misbehavior. How? By leveraging a toolkit of cause and affect soft skills in a way that works in your unique environment.

That’s the key, your unique environment. People are people, we receive inputs, we make decisions about how we perceive the inputs, and we react. Thus contributing to what others are reacting to. This is the essence of soft skills, understanding and managing our responses so we can help others manage their responses in return.

The bonus is that these skills, while working to everyone’s advantage in your workplace, will work just as effectively in everyone’s private life as well. Enabling everyone show up with less disruption to begin with.

Everyone has hot buttons. Everyone can learn to manage them better.

You will get better results by helping others get better results. I welcome the opportunity to speak with you about how this can work in your unique environment.

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